Trivial Pursuit Aims To Pit Men Against Women In The Ultimate Showdown

Trivial Pursuit is out to settle the question of which gender is smarter by creating a worldwide game of trivia, with the teams as dictated by Mars and Venus.  To date, there is over 7 million scores, but the divide between men and women is still pretty close.

When you load up the site, it will ask you your birthdate, your name, and (obviously) your gender.  The rest is simple point-and-click stuff that will get you a variety of different questions.  The questions seems to be completely random in difficulty.  I got three correct before being asked some obscure fact about Scottish myths that I got wrong.  If you know the answer to the question pictured to the right, don't tell me.  I feel stupid enough already.

I like this site because it's quick-loading, fun, and easy.  As a web site it really couldn't be more appealing, in my opinion.  Trivia questions are a great time waster, and Trivial Pursuit is getting some great exposure from the project (not to mention all the user data they're collecting).

The score as of writing this was 3,649,357 to 3,646,382 in favor of the men.  Will it stay that close for long?  Not if the ladies out there reading this outnumber the guys and go give it their best shot.  Go support your team and let us know what questions stumped you in the comments.

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Jan 20, 2010
by Austin Keenan
Austin Keenan's picture

I'm terrible at Trivial Pursuit anway...

 My friends all draw straws to see who gets stuck with me.

Austin Keenan
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