Trixie Tracker Takes Some Pressure Off New Parents


Some new parents like to wing it and go the carefree route.  Others like to keep charts and graphs for every detail they can think of.  There is no right or wrong path to choose here; it is best to just go with the method that best suits your lifestyle and personalities.  For those that fall into the analysis category though, there is a site that offers a quick and easy way to manage all of the small elements of your baby’s day to day activities.



The Trixie Tracker site allows parents or anyone who is caring for a small child to have a place to record and analyze everything from diapers to breastfeeding and everything in between.   There is a section for moms who are pumping breast milk to keep track of how much they have and dates and times.  Another section can be used to regulate doses of medicine, which can be very important for parents who are already stressed out from worrying about their sick kids.



The site also allows you to input data for up to three children so that you can compare how your children are the same and how they are different.  Another great thing about the Trixie Tracker is that because it is online you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection; no need to pack a device or notebook when you travel.  The diaper tracking portion of the site is free to use and the other sections are available for a monthly fee and can be accessible to up to six users.  If you are an iPhone user (or any other web-enabled mobile device user) you can access the system on the go too.