15 Furniture Wall Stickers That Will Trick Your Eyes!

Suppose you are lucky enough to grab an apartment on an upper floor of old factory? It's 3000 square feet, and all you have is an old couch, a formica table, and a few folding chairs. Whatever your furniture situation, it's always nice to know that trompe l'oeil furniture stickers can come to your rescue when needed, and most of them are vinyl, that can be wiped clean and moved around as easily as furniture.

Trompe l'oeil is French for "trick of the eye." Trompe l'oeil was first mastered by Greek painters and the style became popular again among European painters during the Renaissance. It is a style of three dimensional art that is so close to the likeness of the object it represents, that it can make you believe it is the object!

With wall stickers so popular today, it was only a matter of time before trompe l'oeil was employed to create everything from trees to exotic views to movie star silhouette wall stickers. My favorites are the trompe l'oeil furniture stickers. You can practically "furnish" you whole house or apartment with these!


Here's a nifty coat rack you might consider for your entrance.


Wall sticker by Ferm Living


This dining room table even has place settings all set up for your meal.


How about a nice ornamental railing around your walls?

Wall sticker by DezignWithAZ


Our homes are our castles. We should each have a throne to sit on when we're at home.


Wall sticker by Impostures Visuelles


A side table for your personal trinkets...


Wall sticker by DezignWithAZ


Ah, but why so formal? Every home needs a few kick-back kind of chairs. Don't these look comfy?


Wall sticker by Impostures Visuelles


Wall sticker by Impostures Visuelles


Nice accessories always make good impressions too.

How about a chandelier?


Wall sticker by Etsy


You will need a lamp or two!


Wall sticker by Raging Vinyl


A special photograph needs a special picture frame!


Wall sticker by Impostures Visuelles


And you've just starting to collect rare old books, haven't you?

Wall sticker by Impostures Visuelles

For the bedroom, nice headboards are hard to come by....


Wall sticker by Dezign

Oh, what a cute telephone table!


Wall sticker by Etsy


Now, of course, we all need to think about safety. Here' a fire hose... just in case...


Wall sticker by Impostures Visuelles


And, finally, sometimes what we most want is a little companionship.



Sep 17, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
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