Trongs: Chopsticks On Steroids?

We love our finger foods. From fried chicken to ribs and wings we are obsessed. The biggest problem with these wonderful foods is that they leave our hands a mess. Sure we can load up on the napkins, but that just doesn't quite do the whole job as we remain sticky. We need a way to handle the food without getting messy in the first place. Enter Trongs. These strange looking claws make it possible to eat your favorite finger food neatly and easily, and still be able to take a drink of your beer or soda in between bites without requiring an entire forest to be turned into napkins.


The maker of Trongs is hoping that their product will become THE eating utensil of the 21st century. Trongs may take a little getting used to to be able to eat with them easily, but then so did the knife, fork, and spoon each in their turn.

 Trongs For Eating WingsTrongs For Eating Wings

The utensils rest on the table or plate like tripods so that they are simple to pick up and set down. Okay, they look strange - kind of like mutant lobster claws -- or dragon claws if you prefer. Claws are how many creatures throughout the animals world manage to eat.

In addition to being used as an eating tool, it can also be helpful in food preparation such as dipping and breading meat, onion rings, and tempura.

Trongs For Eating RibsTrongs For Eating Ribs

Some people may think that we need Trongs like we need one of those ridiculous banana slicers, but few people are as adverse to slicing bananas as there are those opposed to having sticky, messy hands.

By not handling your food with your fingers you can also reduce the likelihood of contaminating your food with the bacteria you pick up throughout your day. Since few of us wash our hands long enough (or at all) this is an added layer of protection. If nothing else, you can use Trongs to chase the kids around the house.

Trongs For Eating SushiTrongs For Eating Sushi

Trongs are made of food-safe polypropylene in the U.S. Since you can use Trongs to eat you sushi without dropping it in your lap the company refers to their creation as "chopsticks on steroids."

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