Tropicana Japan Introduces 'Orange With Rare Cheese Flavor' Drink

Tropicana "Orange With Rare Cheese Flavor", a new Fruit Sweets drink from the Japanese division of the global orange juice powerhouse, offers thirsty office workers a "sweet and sour" snack that combines oranges and cream cheese - presumably without curdling.

So-called "rare cheese" is very popular in Japan where Rare Cheesecake is a common dessert item. My wife makes Rare Cheesecake using Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese (or one of its cheaper generic relatives) and she serves it with blueberry sauce - quite tasty!

Cream cheese and orange juice though? Hmm... acidic citrus juices and milk-based dairy products just don't seem to go together but that hasn't stopped Tropicana Japan from giving it a shot.

Tropicana Japan describes their new Fruit Sweets "Orange With Rare Cheese Flavor" drink as having a "sweet and sour" flavor and a - I'll try not to gag here - a "sour, rich, mellow taste to the finish" providing by its 51 percent juice content. They suggest Fruit Sweets will satisfy working people who can enjoy it during snack breaks.

A companion flavor in the Fruit Sweets line is "White Grape, Mango, Banana & Milk". A 400g bottle of either Tropicana Fruit Sweets drink goes for 150 yen, or about $1.75 at current exchange rates. (via Japan Today, title image via Kanshin)

Aug 20, 2010
by Anonymous

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