Trove Lets You Design And 3D Print Custom Jewelry

3D printing is taking industry by storm. What started as somewhat of a novelty, 3D printing has made its way into many aspects of our personal and professional lives. Even space exploration. It's versatility allows it in places we never would have thought possible five years ago. One obvious area of industry, however, that it has interjected itself into is jewelry design and production. There are even companies popping up that allow you to custom make your own jewelry, such as Trove.

Designing a ringDesigning a ring

Trove allows customers to design jewelry directly on their website and then place orders for it. There are multiple starting designs for users to choose from and customers are sure to find at least one basic design that appeals to them.  Currently, Trove offers customizable versions of multiple rings, bracelets, and necklaces. There are multiple materials available for your different pieces, as well. Everything from polished bronze and silver, all the way up to 18k gold. With those types of choices, it doesn't matter what your other jewelry is made of, you'll be able to match it well.

Trove allows you to browse other people's designs, as wellTrove allows you to browse other people's designs, as well

The biggest issue with ordering something that is 3D printed is not knowing how it will look once it is actually made, and, in the case of jewelry, making sure it fits properly. Luckily, it seems Trove has already thought of that and will send you a 3D printed mockup of your masterpiece that you designed. This gives you the chance to try it out and see what you like and don't like before ordering. If you are unhappy and decide to cancel the order, you are refunded your full amount minus a small fee for the plastic model.

While Trove isn't for everyone, it has the potential to be a great platform for those out there looking to differentiate themselves from the crowd with their jewelry. By utilizing current technology and 3D printing, you could literally have a one-of-a-kind ring or bracelet.