Truckers Love Them & You Will Too: Tree Frog Pads


Tree Frog Pad: ©TreeFrogPad.comTree Frog Pad: ©


Imagine leaning an iPad on a can of Diet Coke at a 75° angle or so... and the iPad stays stable while you use it.  The Tree Frog Pad is what enables this by sticking and gripping to the iPad on one side and the soda can on the other!


Tree Frog Pad: ©TreeFrogPad.comTree Frog Pad: ©


Tree Frog Pad: ©TreeFrogPad.comTree Frog Pad: ©


Tree Frog Pad: ©TreeFrogPad.comTree Frog Pad: ©


Although this gadget may have been made the size of the iPad to stand it up, lean it (for texting), and use as a protective cover for the iPad, there's a whole lot more it can do... Just ask a trucker.

Tree Frog PadTree Frog Pad Yes, it was a trucker site that led me to the Tree Frog Pad.  Truckers love it!  They put the sticky pad - made of 'synthetic resin' - on their giant dashboards and then place all their small travel gear on it - cell phones, blue tooth gadgets, soda bottles, portable GPS gadgets, extra keys... You name it.  If it's not porous, it's practically guarenteed to stay in place.  And when you need one of your gizmos, pick it up, use it, and put it back.  Simple as that.


Here's Groceryhauler07 who will show and tell you all about the Tree Frog Pad....



Sure, the Tree Frog Pad works just as great in a car or boat or at home on your wall. It's an accessory  for the office, kitchen, bathroom... indeed, many places.  Neat.

Tree frogs, as the name implies, live in trees - almost all their lives.  And, as necessity has it, they have extraordinary grasping ability.  For more information, see



Apr 23, 2010
by Anonymous

Tree Frog Pad

Thanks for the info. I've been looking for something like this.