True Wetsuits Take Business Suits From Boardroom To Beach

True Wetsuits from Quicksilver Japan are designed to take recreation-seeking execs from the office to the ocean and back again. Surf's up in 26 minutes and your meeting's running late? No problemo, dude, and don't forget your board on your way out of the boardroom!

True Wetsuits are high-spec hybrid clothes that according to Quicksilver Japan, “can be worn from home, to the beach, and from the beach to the office with no need to change at all.” So what if the cleaners wonder what's with all the sand on the carpet, your time is precious and changing outfits could mean missing out on The Big Deal.

“As your lifestyle changes, you have less and less time to go surfing,” explains Shin Kimitsuka, the company's official Brand Director and unofficial First World Problem solver. “I thought it would be interesting to offer this product as a new solution to deal with that issue.”

The main challenge facing Quicksilver Japan's designers was to ensure every component of the suit passed muster in either office or ocean mode... right down to the necktie, which is made from wetsuit material able to resist seawater and/or spilled coffee.

Keep in mind there's still a price to pay for such innovative, multitasking clothing – roughly 300,000 yen (about $2,500) and up, in fact. At least True Wetsuit buyers can select from Office Smart, Casual Friday and Party Tuxedo styles, the latter being ideal evening wear for James Bond next time he's invited to dinner at a supervillain's seaside villa. (via Spoon & Tamago, and Mashable)