Truecall: Avoid Telemarketers With This Innovative Screening Device

Finally, a device is available on the market that screens your calls on your behalf. Caller ID, step aside, because Truecall is like having your own personal secretary, without the required small talk and paycheck.

Truecall is an interesting new gadget, surprisingly created by two entrepreneurs with experience in call-center and telemarketer training which exposed them to just how deeply annoying unwanted calls can be to people. The Truecall device blocks unwanted calls completely, by storing numbers of people and businesses you're sure you never want to talk to. When these calls come through, callers are directed automatically to your voicemail.

Since the device also requires that you store numbers of people you know and like, it also screens numbers that it doesn't recognize. Instead of patching these calls directly through to you, it rings you and announces who is on the other line, and gives you the option of speaking with them, or sending them to voicemail. It also hangs up on any calls that don't have a person on the other end of the line.

Truecall has designed its screening product to work with domestic phone lines, and of course works better with those that have Caller ID so all callers, known or otherwise, can be identified by the system. Currently, their system is incompatible with most office phone systems, and only works with certain cell phone provider services.













Unlike many electronic devices, which operate on disposable batteries or require a great deal of electricity to function, Truecall is Energy Star Certified; using less than 1% of the amount of power required to light a standard light bulb.

If someone can find something better than a company looking to take down its own kind, while remaining environmentally friendly, I challenge you to tell me.