Truly, Madly, Sexy Sinks

Christian Kaldewei, founder of Kanera, has a distinct goal right now: to create the most sensuous environment he can to receive the life-giving resource of water into your bathroom basin. It's a poetic concept and, as water becomes a more and more precious commodity, Kaldewei's sinuous basins seem like iconic monuments to the resource we need most.

Kanera has just come out with the third member of its 1-Series bathroom sinks.

The first, Kanera 1 E, was the curvaceous basin alone, a shallow, smooth white enamelled steel, resembling a snowy, un-touched expansion of hills.

Kanera 1 EKanera 1 E

The next in line was the 1 H, a variation in the depth of the basin created by a more voluptuous terrain. The terrain divides the stream of water, allowing one's mate or guest to share the stream.

Kanera 1 HKanera 1 H

And now, the newest Kanera, the 1 D, has unique double stream fixtures, creating a true indulgence for pleasure seekers. One can just bathe in the photos.

Kanera 1 DKanera 1 D

I don't think the designers of my 25 year-old bathroom sink ever thought about the sensuality of water and the experience of appreciating it in an equally sensuous environment, even in our most intimate of rooms.

Kanera via TrendsNow

Nov 14, 2008
by Jill Harness
Jill Harness's picture

Beautiful works

I just love them.