Trunks In Their Trunks: The Top 10 Abandoned Cars Colonized By Trees

Don't know how long a car or truck's been abandoned? Try counting the rings on the tree growing up through its bodywork.                 

Eye Socket To Me

Sealed beam headlight or ceiling beam from your home... why not both? This forlorn '54 Oldsmobile's Rocket 88 days lay long in the past. How long, you may ask? How good are you at counting tree rings? (tree growing through a car image via Lumière de l'Atelier)   

Landscape Barges

Confusion Hill, California is where these two implanted vehicles call home and by the looks of it, they've been calling it home for a long, long time. Looks can deceive, however – thanks to human creativity (and a cutting torch or two) the cars don't always come before the trees. (tree growing through a car image via The Roamantics

Van Wildest

Here's an early 1940's Dodge panel van that's returned to the wild in a big way. That'll teach Cousin Cletus to park his old vehicles on the front lawn! (tree growing through a car image via Imgur)     

Parked Beyond Thunderdome

This clapped-out station wagon's been sitting in Australia's Budawang National Park for an awfully long time – don't the rangers give tickets down under? One thing's certain, Max is really gonna be Mad when he finally gets back to where he last parked. (tree growing through a car image via The World As It Really Is 

Red Oak Redneck

If your car's got the trunk AND the engine under the hood, you just might be a redneck and since the above tableau was snapped in deepest, darkest Alabama we'd say the time for Deliverance has long since passed. Indeed, the South may rise again... this car, not so much. (tree growing through a car image via Photorator)  

These Edsels Are Making Me Thirsty!

Way back in 1957, Ford advertised their upcoming new car with the slogan “Once you've seen it, you'll never forget it.” Unfortunately for Ford, once folks finally did see the ho-hum, horse-collar-grilled 1958 Edsel they couldn't forget it fast enough. We'd advise the owner of the above overgrown '59 Edsel not to forget... to water it. (tree growing through a car image via igardendaily

Out Of Africa

More like out of a '54 Chevy, amiright? As permanent and authentically aged the above image looks, it's likely the ramshackle Chevy was positioned over an existing tree to match the many other overgrown and outgrown tree/car combos at the Cañon Roadhouse in Namibia's Gondwana Canon Park... or not – maybe the Roadhouse was built around the ancient auto. (tree growing through a car image via Willie Putter)   

Model Tree Ford

You'll find this clapped out Model T hosting an oddly reticent hitchhiker at the back of an auto salvage yard somewhere in Oregon. Why so silent? Well if a tree grows out of your car in a forest, does anybody hear? (tree growing through a car image via Imgur)   

Hood Ornamental

This old Citroen 2CV van's got it made in the shade – from spring through fall at least. One wonders if the old beast's restorable... the truck, not the trunk. (tree growing through a car image via Jon's Excellent Adventure)

Trunk Behind The Wheel

Friends don't let friends drive trunk... OK, that was bad but the good thing is whoever owns this vehicle no longer has to put out hard-earned dough for The Club. (tree growing through a car image above via Daily News Dig and at top via Douglas Thorne)