Try The New Bubble Calendar And Pop The Days Away

Are you an obsessive bubble wrap popper? Do you search for just the right feel of the perfect bubble between your fingers, just so you can squeeze the perfect pop out of it? If so, the Bubble Calendar is for you! You can mark off every day with a pop... but you only get one chance a day to make it perfect!


The Bubble Calendar is a neat wall calendar, poster-sized (48" x 17"), with Helvetica Neue typeface printed on clear plastic acetate, available in horizontal design or vertical design.


Yup. Checking off the days, putting an "x" through them, blacking them out... however, you get rid of them... all in the past. The cool thing to do now is to pop them off on the Bubble Calendar .

For the non-pop obsessive, design-concious among you, the white paper version of the Bubble Calendar is an elegantly simple, modern, non-commercial looking calendar with an interesting pattern of black and bold black (to signify the weekends) and spatterings of semi-circles (to signify the holidays, of course) from a few feet away.

(The Bubble Calendars are made in limited edition quantities for 2009 and will be ready to ship on September 1, 2008. They would make great holiday gifts, so if you want any, order now!)

via Trends Now