Tsū Goes To The Dogs For Red Nose Day USA

In its very short tenure (only 7 months old), Tsu as a social network has earned an international reputation as a donor to worthy causes. Founder and CEO Sebastian Sobczak assembled a team of developers to create an ecosystem to accomplish two very unique functions. One was to pay its users 90% of its total daily ad revenues (previously unheard of in the social media space), and secondly it would distinguish itself further as a charitable platform, allowing members to donate to charities, at will in real-time.

Network with a Social Conscious

Member Bryan Daugherty (aka @BWDaughtery) describes this social paradigm shift as a network on its way to becoming “an engine of philanthropy and goodwill.”

With over 7,000 friends and followers, Daugherty who has reported on a number of charity campaigns noted in a recent blog post that Sebastian was instrumental in motivating his 3.5 million users to raise and donate $3,000 recently for Charity Water, a charitable organization that secures clean drinking water for thousands of people worldwide, who would otherwise go without.

Charities on Tsu

There are currently 32 verified Charities that span the humanitarian gamut  -- from the Green Beret Foundation providing relief to veterans and their families -- to the Lighthouse Foundation helping the poor and those in need around the world.

The ease of donating to any or all of these charities is built into the Tsu monetization scheme. After a charity has submitted documentation that substantiates itself as a bonafide fund-raising enterprise (e.g. 501(c)(3)tax-exempt form), the network affixes a DONATION button to its profile page. This allows Tsu users to easily donate any amount of money they like 24/7 (from $0.01 on up to the total they may have in their bank) by entering the $amount and clicking the button.

However, sometimes a need arises that doesn’t have a corresponding charity represented on Tsu just yet. For instance, the devastation and havoc wreaked by Nepal’s recent earthquake moved a lot folks on Tsu. So much so, that it motivated user Jess Blevins to do something about it. To put an initiative into action, she asked the founder if her account could be used as depository to collect donations from other users for the cause. With Sebastian’s approval, she has to date been able to successfully raise over $1000 to address this dire humanitarian relief effort.

From Pie-throwing to Fundraiser

When I learned of the U.K.’s annual fundraiser Red Nose Day coming to America this year on May 21 for the first time, it stirred my creative juices. First came a YouTube video production where I parodied the song lyrics, “You Give a Little Love” from the 1976 musical film, “Bugsy Malone," to make them a little more Tsu-esque.

I then used a clip from the movie that I felt best underscored the levity of Red Nose Day. Since Comic Relief is the origin of this fun fund-raising event, it seemed only fitting to add the element of pie-in-the-face humor and why not include a dog as the target. See if you don't agree?

Then I approached an artist on Tsu, who hails from England and goes by the name @ADogADay. Known for actually creating and publishing cartoon illustrations of more than one dog per day on Tsu and Facebook, I asked my friend if her artistic talents could affix a red nose to one of her dogs and position him in the direct line of fire of a flying pie to the face. The iconic image that resulted became a logo of sorts for our subsequent collaborative campaign. 

From there, we established a separate Tsu account with the handle, ‘TsuRedNoseDay’ and asked Sebastian, the founder -- if we ran a charity raffle -- would he officiate? In turn after receiving his approval, @ADogADay has graciously offered to donate the original ‘pie-in-the-face-dog’ sketch to be used as a special prize for our fund-raising event. The winner will be picked at random by Sebastian, on June 1, 2015.

Now similar to real pies being thrown in people’s faces -- for all those who liked our campaign posts -- they ran the risk of receiving a virtual pie being thrown down on their profile page. To date, we are happy to say, there’s been hundreds of pies literally splish-splashing their way across the ecosystem.

Rules to Enter . . .

Rules to enter the raffle are simple. Users can make a peer-to-peer transfer of money by clicking the ‘Transfer Funds’ button (similarly to using the DONATION button for charities) and sending a minimum of 50 cents to enter the raffle. Multiple donations of 50 cents become multiple entries [ e.g. $1.50= 3 entries.] and increases a user’s chance of winning.

So as you can see, in essence Tsu HAS gone to the dogs for Red Nose Day USA. But from where I sit, I think that’s pretty good company to keep, don't you think?

If you’re doing something funny or unique for Red Nose Day, please comment below. And if you’d like a fun way to donate to America’s first Red Nose Day while getting hit with some virtual pie-in-your-face, feel free to visit us at Tsu, before the campaign dog-gone closes on June 1, 2015.