Tsū Social Network Sponsors Photo Shoot That’s A Croc!

Tsu was the first new social network to disrupt the social media status quo by transitioning from a strictly commercial advertising platform to a monetization model based on rewarding their users monetarily for their content. This paradigm shift kick-started others to follow suit and in less than a year, the network has attracted close to 4 million followers.

One in 4 million . . .

Tsuvians (as they like to be called) make up a new breed of social networkers. In addition to earning daily royalties, users are attracted to this ecosystem for a number of reasons. For instance, If you’re creative, this network provides you with a playground of opportunities to post original content in as many different ways as your imagination will allow.

New singing artists like Meresha -- seeking an opportunity to catapult their careers -- have debuted their albums on the site. A UK cartoonist who goes by the name of @ADogADay is selling her customized cartoons on the site worldwide. And those who have distinguished themselves as Tsu gurus like @DexterRoona, @JonDunn and @BWDaughtery have websites devoted to tutorials, videos, blogs and tips for both Tsu newbies just getting started, in addition to veterans who seek advice and counsel as to how to benefit more from the network. The network has even attracted royalty from both sovereign nations (The King of Morocco) and Hip Hop (50Cent).

This month, one Tsuvian has gone where no other has gone before. Model Roberta Mancino, who joined Tsu as the 2,618th member just recently traveled to a lagoon in Banco Chinchorro, Mexico which is world renown as a habitat for over 700 crocodiles. There, she spent 10 hours over the course of five days experiencing one of her life-long dreams - namely swimming with more than just the fishies! Yes, we're talking about crocs over four meters in length -- with a lot of razor-edged teeth!

Daenerys Targaryen’s Dragons

As one particular crocodile became more comfortable with her presence, Roberta’s team were able to capture images that most of us have never seen before . . . namely a face-to-face meeting between a human and a dragon of the deep. Like Khaleesi (aka Daenerys Targaryen) of Game of Thrones fame, one could only imagine this type of interaction happening in mythical tales or award-winning TV Shows. But Roberta was out to show the world she could indeed rise to occasion in real-life.

Mancino said of the shoot: "I have a list of animals which I would love to swim with, so it was one of my dreams to swim with crocodiles.
I have wanted to do this project for six years, but I could never find someone to fund it because it is so dangerous.
I was about to go there myself without a sponsor and then social network Tsu said that they would fund the production."

When discussing the sponsorship with Ts? today, a representative noted that “Roberta came to us with an idea where the proceeds of what she was doing (raising awareness for crocs) would go to their preservation . . . (as) partners we were happy to assist in the production of this short film.”

Within less than a day’s time, the post that included the video above received 695 likes, 133 comments and 125 shares [as of this posting.]

On a related post, Roberta quizzed those on the Tsu network for suggestions in naming her co-star.

Out of the 50+ submissions, names like “T-Rex,” “George Clooney,” and “Dundee” surfaced.

I personally submitted the name “Sebastian” in tribute to the Tsu network founder, Sebastian Sobczak, but haven’t heard back from him nor Roberta whether or not that’s a winner!



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