On Tsu, The ‘Tspin Challenge’ Spins Dollars For Charities

Who doesn’t remember the Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014 and the frenzy that ensued throughout the United States? It started as a grass roots effort to raise awareness and donations for the disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as the Lou Gehrig disease. Promoted widely on Twitter and Facebook, the virality of the challenge soon caught the attention of newscasters, celebrities, politicians and even motivating folks like former Presidents, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton to get involved.

Tspin forward one year. . .

This year on the heels of a brand new social network catching hold of our zeitgeist, another innovative challenge has been rolled out. Tsu (pronounced "sue") is a social network differing from its predecessors in that it allows its users to maintain ownership of their content while incenting them them with royalties (cash payments) on a daily basis. In essence, each creator becomes a partner with the service and receives a share in its revenue (90% of all ad sales go directly to the users), where each account (corporate, personal, brand etc.) are all on equal footing.

Jess BlevinsJess BlevinsSuch were the attributes that first attracted Jess Blevins on October 22 to register for Tsu, after receiving an invite from Dexter Roona, one of her online associates (all Tsu members are only allowed to join by invitation) permitting them to build a network of followers that figures into the the site’s algorithm and attributes to the users' daily monetary tallies.

Welcoming an opportunity to look beyond Facebook’s limitations, Blevins sees Tsu as an opportunity to “really connect with folks around the world, in a meaningful way.”

The idea for a “Tspin Challenge” (aka #SpinforCharity) came to her after an associate of hers noted that she was known for taking selfies of herself, and that it might be a good idea to switch it up some by taking a photo after she spun herself around. Since there was motion involved, they both decided that a video might be a better way to capture her look and the spin itself.

Tsu’s known for its charitable contributions. . .

From there, Blevins decided to donate one dollar for every spin she completed. The charity she chose was for the family of Mia Vargas (@beautifulgoal), a little girl who lost her life due to a car accident. She learned about the cause after the founder of Tsu, Sebastian Sobczak posted the story on his profile page.

Since one of Sobczak’s objectives in creating his social network was to allow users the opportunity to donate directly from their accounts to any charity of their liking - it made perfect sense for Blevins to launch this campaign on Tsu.

“The Tspin Challenge is bringing so many people together from all countries globally — and with Tsu being the only social media site to be able to donate straight from your earnings,” Blevins felt that similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge, this type of campaign also has an opportunity to spread virally.

Jun FukumitsuJun FukumitsuIt’s already caught on in Japan. Jun Fukumitsu, a fellow Tsu user who goes by the handle @junfukumitsu -- an author and singer/songwriter -- is helping to spread the world on the other side of the globe.

And with Tsu scaling to 2 million users in only 74 days (in comparison, it took Facebook 10 months to reach one million), it looks like a challenge of this type could be just the ticket to help catapult this social platform's reach wider and at a faster pace than any other social network to date.

How to get involved in the Tspin Challenge?

 For those who liked to take on the Tspin Challenge, it’s a simple process.

1- If not a member, sign up for Tsu here.

2- After joining, or if you’re already a member, shoot a short video or gif of yourself spinning.

3- At the end of the video or gif, post a selfie that includes your name and the title: “Tsu Tspin Challenge.”

4- When uploading to YouTube, mention @JessBlevins (#JessBlevins) and the charity you’re donating to in the ABOUT or COMMENT section. You can also IM Jess on Tsu.
5- For those who like to donate, the neat thing about Tsu is you don't have to meet a certain monetary donation level. You can donate as little as $1 (and if you like, on upwards of the total balance you have in your Tsu bank account) and its a seamless process that can be activated in real-time by simply using the network's peer-to-peer transfer feature.

Some of the established charities that are recognized on Tsu presently include @CharityWater, @green4EMA, @beautifulgoal, @feedthechildren, @ledngf, @LLSNJ, @gossmichael and @DIFFADallas.

As an active member of Tsu myself, I’m somewhat partial to this new ecosystem — as I see it as a brand new way to reenergize users, as to how we social network going forward.

While Facebook at 1.2 billion is not likely to be usurped in popularity any time soon, it’s great to be contributing to a platform that not only rewards its users, but also has opened a portal for us to reach across the globe and truly communicate with others in meaningful ways - the Tspin Challenge, I'm sure -- being only one of many such innovative initiatives to come. That’s my prediction for 2015, and I’m spinning, erhhh sticking to it.