Tsu Welcomes Arabian King Of Morocco To Its Paying Platform

 Not that this Royal needs any more riches added to his country’s coffers, this month, Roi Du Mohammed VI, His Majesty the King of Morocco selected Tsu as a viable social network for communicating to the world. And not only did his entourage follow in lock-step, the Monarch has amassed almost 30,000 followers in a little over two weeks.

Tsu (pronounced Sue) is one of the very first social networks to pay its users, and differing from some of others that followed, it is the only one to pay out  90% of its ad revenues in the form of royalties on a daily basis. (For details pertaining to the algorithm that goes into Tsu’s monetary business model, see my previous post, titled, “Is The New Social Network Tsu An MLM?”)

The New York-headquartered social network has beend appealing to a growing number of Moroccan users, but with the King’s sign-up, he was largely responsible for moving his country’s Tsu user percentage from 10.4% to 15.1% in about 17 days. He not only moved Morocco up to second place, comfortabley under the The United States at 17.1%, he actually pushed Japan down to 3rd place (8.8%), a ranking they had held previously, since the launch of Tsu on October 20, 2014.

With the the King arriving as Tsu’s 1,772,659th member, the network soon scaled to 2 million users in just 74 days, a feat that is significant in the social media world (since it took Facebook over 10 months to reach 1 million back in the day.)

With numbers that are swelling around the King’s arrival, 3 millions users will most likely be achieved by early February.

Coupled with this exponential growth, Tsu’s Alexa rating improves daily, moving below 2000 where it was before the King's arrival, to its current spot of 1982 (as of this post.)

Other celebrities (aka tsucelebs) who have joined Tsu, include William Shatner, LeeAnn Rimes, Mario Lopez, 50 Cent and NBA star Carmelo Anthony. As we’ve seen with Twitter and Facebook, celebrity users more than often help to put a new social platform on the map, and CEO Sebastian Sobczak hopes that is the case with the King's arrival.

Since the prestige of celebrities attract a lot of new followers to any network — in the case  of Tsu, where users are actually paid for the content they share — the funds raised by these individuals are normally donated to charities.

This is also the case for Tsu’s average user, if they choose. All member have the opportunity to donate to any charity registered with Tsu. Folks can contribute as little as $1 (and if one likes, on upwards of the total balance of one’s Tsu bank account) and its a seamless process that can be activated in real-time, by simply using the network's peer-to-peer transfer feature.

It’s interesting to note that the King is also an active user. Today when I posted a comment that extended a welcome to His Majesty, he was quick to respond with a LIKE. How’s that for getting the ‘royal treatment?’

So the King has landed in the Land of Tsu - and if his following of 2.2 million likes on Facebook is any indication of how many additional Moroccans and Arabs will follow, Tsu’s positioned well to continue to grow exponentially. Long live the King and all the Kings that follow!

Jan 17, 2015
by Anonymous

It's worth to mention that

It's worth to mention that the account is a parody, Except a famous one. However, Morocco's king never used any social network officially.

Jan 18, 2015
by Anonymous

This Page is official

This Page is official because his owner is Soufiane ElBahri official representative of the king in Social Network, you can see that: http://royalista.com/53234/king-mohammed-and-his-facebook-followers/ and that too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24Aka3TuOVI

Jan 18, 2015
by Ron Callari

Official or not

Official or not Official?

I've researched this extensively, and while this page may not be managed by the King himself, it is in the hands of his Administration or PR arm, as our his Twitter and Facebook accounts. If this was a FAKE account, it wouldn't have amassed over 30K followers. Also, if you were to search GOOGLE NEWS - you will find dozens of blog posts documenting that this account is valid. However there is a matter of VERIFICATION that seems not to have been done by the Tsū team yet ~ possibly an oversight, possibly the account has not been submitted for verfication? But aside from that, and for all the reasons I noted in this blog post, I will consider this account authentic until someone actually provides verifiable facts to the contrary.

Jan 21, 2015
by Anonymous

The page is owned by a guy

The page is owned by a guy called Soufiane Elbahri he's well known to be the owner of the facebook page of the king ( non official ) since there was no official statement about it whatsover .. it's a win-win situation for both ( soufiane and the monarchy )

Jan 21, 2015
by Anonymous

I just joined tsu tonight.

I just joined tsu tonight. It looks cool. Here is a link to join if you need it.


Jan 22, 2015
by Anonymous

I'm not a king nor arabian,

I'm not a king nor arabian, but I joined and I've already earned some money. It's invite only, but if you need an invitation use this link: https://www.tsu.co/jsanto

Jan 30, 2015
by Anonymous

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