On Tsu, What Comes First, The Family Or The Network?

 A lot has been leveled at the new social network Tsu that dared to disrupt the current social networking status quo - with a platform that actually pays its members for their content. Critics abound, but as the old saying reminds us: “there is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”

Some label it a scam. Some call it ’smoke & mirrors.’ Others say they’re too busy to add yet another social network to their daily chores. And then there’s those who are put-off by the inundation of invites they’ve received by emails and IM requests from their friends, family and fellow networkers.

To All the Social Networkers, I’ve Loved Before!

This got me to thinking and actually inspired me to post a Tsuare (a tsu share), titled, “To All the Social Networkers, I’ve Loved Before!

In it, I talk about why I think my staunch supporters and followers on other networks might have a misguided first impression of Tsu.

They've heard all the initial rhetoric regarding SPAMMERS and X-rated postings and have quickly compartmentalized this network into one that's attracted a rowdy, boisterous, greedy group of misfits.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

Granted, as with any new start-up, you'll find folks testing the boundaries to get a sense of what a new ecosystem will permit and not allow. Yes, it's a little bit like the Wild West (but weren't Twitter and Facebook like this in the beginning as well?)

From my own personal experience spending some quality time with it, overall it's truly a fun and enlightening social experiment. And in its defense, hat's off to the Tsu team for tackling the SPAM and other detrimental posting issues head-on. They nipped in the bud those I think we can safely now call a 'fringe element.'

So, for all those social networkers I've loved before, I say to you, it's easy to critique from the outside looking in - when instead, you might want enter this space, kick the tires a bit, take it for a test ride - and then let's talk - as I'm sure we'll have much more productive debates after you've experienced the real thing and not just been swayed by some of the initial negative rumors!

What’s all this hype about a Family Tree?

There's also been lots of discussions on Tsu pertaining to the network's Family Trees and the importance of recruiting more and more family members.

Suffice it say for the layman, from a birds-eye view, there's two dynamics in play that need attention, so you can potentially improve your levels of income: 1) how many CHILDREN you recruit - i.e. those that joined Tsu using your URL -- BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY -- 2) The size of your NETWORK - i.e. how many children your children were able to recruit.

For example, the number of my total children is only 33, BUT my Network size is 1989 (making all of my descendents). Now if my 33 children were only able to amass say only 500 descendants vs my 1989 - I would be earning approximately 1/4th less revenues from the site - with all other factors remaining equal (e.g. the same level of viewing, posting, commenting and sharing per user).

So while it's important to continue to recruit new family members, it's even more important to recruit family members who you think are going to place an emphasis on recruitment as well -- to build a bigger and more productive network overall for you and all your descendants.

Today, I won’t go into the breakdown of how daily revenues are determined per user, but stay tuned for a follow-up post, when I take a deeper dive into those analytics. And if today’s ruminations have sparked some interest to join - by all means use this invite as I would like to personally welcome you to my family AND network! We're a good bunch of folks, who above-and-beyond the earnings are having a hell of a lot of fun collaborating.

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Nov 9, 2014
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If you'd like to try here's the my invitation: https://www.tsu.co/dissidencias

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