TSUNAMI Security System Will Help Make Your Community A Safer Place

Is there such a thing as a TSUNAMI that could save your life?

But wait is there such a thing of a TSUNAMI that will make your community a safer place to live?

If you ask Steve Teachout, then the answer is yes.

However, the TSUNAMI he has invented involves a very powerful wave of technology that will serve as an extra set of eyes in your neighborhood. That’s right his new security system is a ‘tidal wave’ in its own right, but the only victims from it will be the criminals who lurk in our communities. Yes, he is on a mission to get rid of criminals completely.

Teachout says “lives will change” with his invention and he “guarantees it.”

The popular security specialist who hails from Surfside Beach, South Carolina, just unveiled his state-of-the-art security system that is now featured on INDIEGOGO.

Called the TSUNAMI, his security system can be used in parks, schoolyards, college campuses, and highway rest areas. And the device can easily be installed in a variety of areas in order to watch over quaint suburban streets and busy city streets.

“Your home does not end at your front door, it actually extends into your community,” explains Teachout. “Crime does not happen in one direction, it happens everywhere.”

His device is a large-sized-square white box that is loaded with high-tech cameras. The system provides superior high definition footage, full 360° views, and the footage is all stored internally and no monitoring is required.

In the event of an incident investigators can access the system instantly through the device’s 4G wireless/Wi-Fi connection. And in a medical emergency, assault, or kidnapping, the system comes with a panic button that provides the exact GPS location for dispatchers.

Teachout says that he came up with the idea to develop TSUNAMI after a very close friend of his sadly had his daughter (Heather Elvis) taken from him about a year-and-a-half-ago, and she was last known to be seen at a local Marina late at night. The case received national and internaitonal attention.

“So I asked myself, how can we live in this modern society and yet have the people we love just taken from us? It was at that time I set out to develop a product - a tool to help protect the victim and to offer security to those in need.”

He adds, “If you are a criminal and you look up and see my system, then there is a pretty good chance a crime is never going to happen in the first place and that’s what I wish would have happened at the time at the Marina."

The TSUNAMI is recently being used in Florida and Teachout plans on having more states and municipalities adopt his invention soon.

Sure there are plenty of security systems out there on the market; however Teachout’s is unique with its 360° views and its near-perfect quality picture – all of which is connected with modern day technology.

Are there any challenges with the device? Teachout admits there is.

“For every ten people that come to me to say that the TSUNAMI helped to solve a crime that they were affected by, such as an attempted rape, assault or a theft, there will be one person that rejects the idea of having my system in public areas within the community with the term ‘Big Brother’ as a cure-all statement,” he says.

“I went into this knowing that I could not please everyone, but when I receive a phone call from the parents of a lost child who say that their child was found because of this system, my body goes numb.”