Tumbleweed Tiny Houses: The Smallest House Builder On The Planet

Recently we saw little buildings that could be transported by trailer to be used as offices, storage locations and other shelters, but these were lacking in some obvious amenities. Another builder of teeny tiny houses uses a similar building plan, buts creates houses that are a bit more liveable.

Tumbleweed Tiny HousesTumbleweed Tiny Houses

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses are designed to incorporate style and design aesthetic, and can include all of those modern features that make a home liveable full-time, including plumbing, electricity and appliances. When working with this teeny tiny house builder you can choose from existing plans or have a custom plan created. Most of their homes are between 90 and 400 square feet, and stand alone!

Teeny Tiny House BuilderTeeny Tiny House Builder

It's a lifestyle that only some could manage, with a teeny tiny living space, but there are builders out there that focus on small home building as a specialty if it floats your boat.

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Nov 25, 2009
by Anonymous

I wish I could live in one

It would force me to get rid of a lot of the useless crap that I have (Which doesn't seem useless until I think about it subjectively). If only it were possible...