Tummy Tucker Thongs: Sexy and Functional

While getting ready for a night out, I often face a dilemma.

It can be best summed up with the scene from Bridget Jones in which she debates between wearing slimming giant panties so that she looks better with clothes on and wearing sexy black panties so as to look better with her clothes off.

Now this is a choice we woman should not be forced to make...we all want to look great and sexy, with our clothes on and off.

Now thanks to MMK Brands Bandeau Thong we might not have to.

This innovative panty offers support around the love handle/stomach area but is still a sexy thong. The five-inch double ply precision cut spandex band helps give a little extra support, and the micro-mesh body keeps panty lines from being visible. A great little thing to wear under the LBD kind of night wear.

What's really great is that the thong while providing support is still really sexy. Other shaper items while doing the necessary job miss out on the sexy bit. The Bandeau Thong scores high on this, it is tagless, seamless, and available in nude and black.

Update: These thongs are no longer available.

Via: passport panties

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