Tunebug Turns Your Bike Helmet Into a Surround Sound System

Listening to music and biking are two things that should go hand in hand. Just like with jogging or running, a little music is a great motivator while pedaling to work. Unfortunately, the wires from traditional headphones can really become a nuisance while riding. Wireless headphones provide one solution, but they still block out external sounds, like oncoming cars, making for a dangerous ride.


A new company called Tunebug is looking to solve the problem with an interesting solution. Presented at CES, the Tunebug Shake is an audio driver that attaches to a bicycle helmet. Instead of an in-ear headphone, the "ultra-portable sound generator" vibrates sound off of  the helmet itself, filling the space around your head with audio while keeping your ears clear to hear environmental sounds. It's what Tunebug calls NXT SurfaceSound technology.

I can't imagine that a helmet will serve as a high-quality speaker, but for cycling, you don't need audiophile quality. The innovation here could provide an ample solution, allowing cyclists to enjoy music on their ride while still keeping them aware of their surroundings. It also uses Bluetooth to connect to digital music players, so there's no worry of dangling wires. 

The Tunebug weighs 2.4 ounces and provides 5 hours of battery life. Retail price is $119.95 and the device is available for preorder at Tunebug's website. Ship date is February 26.

(Update: The Tunebug is now available and can be found on Amazon here.

 Via: GearCaster

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