Turkey Tail Mushroom HALTS Prostate Cancer: China & Japan Used It For Centuries

One beautiful turkey tail mushroom: image via wildbranchmushrooms.comOne beautiful turkey tail mushroom: image via wildbranchmushrooms.com For centuries, a truly 'magic' mushroom has been used in China and Japan to cure or assist the cure of cancers!  This magic mushroom is the Trametes versicolor (or Coriolus versicolor) commonly known as the turkey tail mushroom because of its layered, feathered appearance.  Finally, in 2011, traditional western medicine has learned about the extract from this beautiful mushroom and observed it stop the development of prostate cancer in mice.

The experiments took place at the Australian Prostate Cancer Researcher Center in Queensland.  Led by Patrick Ling, the researchers used a compound from the turkey tail mushroom called polysaccharopeptide (PSP).  PSP is  the magic in the turkey tail because, unlike western conventional treatments, like chemotherapy and radiotherapy, PSP targets stem cells. 

Stem cells are the cells that cause cancer and the spread of cancer. 

In the Australian study, 10 mice carrying a prostate cancer gene were fed PSP for 20 weeks, and a control group of 10 mice with the cancer gene were not given any treatment.   All of those who ate the PSP did not develop prostate cancer; the other 10 did develop prostate cancer.

"People believe that the cancer stem cell is one of the major reasons why the cancer treatment is not working," Ling told the Australia Associated Press. "We find that this mushroom extract is very effective in targeting those cancer stem cells."

According to Wild Branch Mushrooms, the turkey tails are one of the most common mushrooms in the northern forests of the world, from Europe to China and Japan, from Siberia to the US and Canada.

There have been vast studies of the effects of turkey tail PSP; most of them are Chinese or Japanese, though some European researchers have studied them.   PSK (a commercial form of PSP used in Japan, aka Krestin) has been used to treat several kinds of cancer successfully in those countries, sometimes in conjunction with chemotherapy.  It has also been used to treat hepatitis and generally weak immune systems. More testing suggests that turkey tail extract is effective in delaying the impact of HIV-AIDS.

So, western medicine?  Don't you think that this magic mushroom might be worthy of more notice... if you want to mitigate the ravages of cancer?

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sources:  xinhuanet, ABC NewsWild Branch Mushrooms, Bastyr University Herbal Monopgraphs Special thanks to Steve Levenstein for suggesting this topic!

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