Turn Dumbbells Into Kettlebells With KettleShell

Kettle ShellKettle Shell

The KettleShell: it's nothing more than a sort-of handle that looks like a coat hanger. It does nothing more than attach to a regular dumbbell. However that simple design and simple concept transform one piece of exercise equipment into another and expand the variety of exercises you can perform with it, which makes it ideal for those looking to consolidate or save money in their home gym.

Kettle Shell RowsKettle Shell Rows

The KettleShell is simply a kettlebell handle on the end of an adapter that attaches to a dumbbell, converting the dumbbell into a kettlebell. This piece of equipment has a sturdy steel shell that will hold up, and the adapter attaches to most dumbbells. 

With the KettleShell you can do kettlebell swings, Turkish getups and other kettlebell exercises with a dumbbell. You can also attach the KettleShell to a barbell and do some farmer's walks, or attach it to a cable machine or a pull-up bar to switch up your grip during different exercises. With all of these options, the KettleShell is ideal for saving space and money (the KettleShell will run you around $100). You can find out more about the KettleShell on their site