Turn Your Home Into A Basketball Court With The KILLSPENCER Mini Basketball Kit

Transform Your Home Into A Basketball CourtTransform Your Home Into A Basketball Court

Ever dream of having an indoor basketball court, but just can't afford it, or you think you've gotten too old? With the KILLSPENCER Mini Basketball Kit, you don't have to spend a ton of money to transform your home or office into a court, and the elegant design won't detract from the "adult-like" state of your place.

The Indoor Mini Basketball Kit consists of a black metal breakaway rim, matte black and natural maple backboard and a rubber, size#3 mini basketball. Though the goal and ball are mini-sized, they perform like a regulation ball and goal. 

KILLSPENCER Mini Basketball KitKILLSPENCER Mini Basketball Kit

With its dignified design, you can feel comfortable in installing the KILLSPENCER Mini Basketball Kit in your home or office without making your space look like a child's playroom. And then you can indulge your inner child and shoot hoops instead of working or taking care of household chores.

You can also get the Indoor Mini Basketball Kit in the Special Edition. This version has a black matte backboard trimmed in 24-karat gold, and the black leather net has a gold foil skirt, perfect for anyone looking for a good balance of class and childhood bliss. 

Dunking On KILLSPENCER Mini Basketball GoalDunking On KILLSPENCER Mini Basketball Goal

The KILLSPENCER Mini Basketball Kit is made in the USA with only quality materials. And speaking of materials, you can order the KILLSPENCER Mini Leather Basketball to add even more class to the Indoor Mini Basketball Kit. Check out the KILLSPENCER site for more information on this product and the Mini Ball.