Turn Any Flat Surface Into A Virtual Laser Keyboard

The virtual keyboard and touchpad from Celluon has been around for a while, but it's a cool device to own and sure to draw some attention if you're using it while sipping on your venti double cupped pump caramel triple shot apagotto no foam crushed ice frappachino.

Called the Magic Cube, the device connects to any bluetooth device to project a full size laser keyboard with 63 keys in a QWERTY layout onto any flat surface. Works with iPad, iPhone, and Android, or you can simply plug and play on any Windows system. 

We talk about bluetooth all the time. What exactly is it? Some kind of dental problem? I'm going to find out. 

Oh right. A technology that enables multiple devices to communicate with each other wirelessly. Glad we sorted that out. Now back to the Magic Cube. 

It projects the keyboard in a pinkish, reddish glow, which gives off a very science fictiony look. Using it, you'll feel like you're in an episode of Dr. Who. Or perhaps not.

It also has what is called Mouse Mode, which if you're using it with a laptop lets you use your finger as a mouse, rather than typing.This also begs the question, why are you using it with a laptop that I'm guessing is equipped with a perfectly good keyboard? Only you can answer that.

A key feature of the virtual keyboard (pun not intended) is that it saves space.

I'm looking forward to Celluon expanding their line in the future, possibly moving into the home furnishing industry. Things are getting a bit cramped in my living room, and I'm thinking a virtual sofa or two might solve the problem. And a virtual pool to cut down on construction workers tramping through the house for months probably wouldn't go amiss, either.

For now though, I'll have to trim down with just a virtual keyboard. You can pick up the Celluon Magic Cube Virtual Keyboard for around a $100 right here on Amazon.

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