Turn Up the Heat with the Oven Re-Constructed

Are you disinclined to use your oven in the summer months due to the invevitable heat that pours forth, seemingly for hours after your meal has finished and the dishes are done?


Ciprian Frunzeanu may have devised a clever solution to summertime oven woes with his tiny Oven Re-Constructured design. On the surface, the oven appears to be just like any other induction surface, and you can cook on it as such, but the trick lies in that these plates can also be flipped up to create a mini hotbox of an oven, utlizing ultimate space and energy efficiency. Although still only a concept, in the true to life version of this Re-Constructured Oven each induction plate would house a halogen heater within a brushed steel case, with independent heat control for those plates in use.  And aside from that, this sharp design also doubles as a stove-top, meeting a variety of household culinary needs.  Now that's handy.


Via Yanko Design