Turn Your Baby Into A Cabbage Patch Kid With This Cool Wig

If you grew up during the time Cabbage Patch Kids dolls were all the rage then you know how really adorable they were. Now your own babies can look that adorable with a Cabbage Patch inspired wigs/hats. These cute Baby Wearing a Cabbage Patch Doll Wig/HatBaby Wearing a Cabbage Patch Doll Wig/Hatcrocheted hats are made to order by The Lillie Pad on Etsy. So you can choose the size and yarn color you want for your baby . . . or for yourself.

Amanda Lillie, 32, adored her Cabbage Patch dolls when she was a kid -- and she still does. Her benign obsession with the dolls has led her to create a line of the locks they sported. Now everyone can dress up like the iconic dolls. So is it a wig or is it a hat? That's up to you because it is really both.

The original dolls were created in 1978. They had soft bodies and hair made of wool, and each one came with its own adoption certificate for the child to fill out. In the 1980s they exploded on the market and became one of the hottest selling toys ever. From there it grew into one of the longest running doll franchises in the U.S. No wonder that so many people are still enamored of the iconic babes.

Lillie makes her version of the hair out of acrylic yarn for more comfortable wear and cost effectiveness. She makes the hat-like wigs in sizes from infant through adult so that everyone can use them for Halloween or just fun winter wear. Each one takes around two hours to make, which means that Lillie is really adept with her crocheting.

Cabbage Patch Doll Wig/HatCabbage Patch Doll Wig/HatShe was inspired by a version she saw online of one that someone else had done. It didn't look at all authentic and she knew that she could create a better one. So she did.

She pulled out her old dolls for inspiration and set to work. Her first attempt was successful and she put it up on her Etsy site to see if it would sell. She was surprised by the huge response. Since she started she has sold dozens of the hats.

Since Halloween is on the way again there is bound to be another surge in sales for Lillie. For those who find the Cabbage Patch hats to be a bit on the pricey side (remember that each one is handmade), she also sells the patterns so that you can make your own. In addition to the hats she sells crochet patterns for crowns so that you can adorn your little princess properly.

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