Turn Your Bike Into A Trike With Triblean

Want a cleaner way to work without giving up the looks and attention that your cherry-red sports car grabs? Is the ordinary bicycle just too uniform and plain for your taste? Add a little flair with the Triblean aftermarket kit.


Just a design (actually a thesis project for design graduate student Berk Asal), the Triblean turns your average two-wheeler into a funky, three-wheeled, man-powered machine that is sure to get you some looks. That funky hydraulic system doesn't exactly look like it'd help keep the weight of your bike down, and I sure wouldn't want to have to carry that thing up a set of stairs, but according to its designer, the three-wheeled design delivers speed and stability through corners. 

It looks a little like two forks from my first bike--a classic Huffy--welded onto a 12-speed frame. Which is okay with me. As long as that's all on someone else's bike. 

So what do you think? If they ever offered this on the market, would you bite? 

Core77 via Dvice