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Turn Your Breasts Into Art By Framing Them In The Cupless Bra

Women's lingerie is normally about leaving something to the imagination; a sexy way to set the mood by allowing men to hope they'll get to see what's underneath. But a new growing trend in raunchy lingerie leaves nothing to the imagination whatsoever, but gives the breasts center stage. Read on to discover this hot new trend in sexy lingerie.

Bras, bustiers, and garters are so yesterday in women's hottest lingerie trends. Today it's all about putting it all out there on a platter, so men can see exactly what you've got to offer instead of leaving something to be desired (how old fashioned, right?). At least, that's the idea behind the cupless bras that are popping up in raunchy women's wear, which serve no fundamental purpose as supportive underwear and instead treat women's boobs like the works of art that men have always appreciated them to be by putting a frame around them.

Maybe it's just me, but if you're going to choose to wear sexy lingerie to impress your man, is there any point to this trend when you could just as easily keep your money in your wallet and go naked instead? Am I just old fashioned when it comes to lingerie, or is this one contemporary example of women's wear gone too far?