Turn Your Broken Speakers Into A Media Cabinet

When you throw away broken speakers, you’re throwing away memories. Some of us don’t like throwing them away because they remind us of all the cool parties we’ve held. So instead of sending it to the chopping block where you can bring out the evil in yourself, why not turn your old speakers into something useful?

Source: Instructables

GoodRubbish at Instructables has done just that. Since old speakers have shared the sound of music and movies with us, the inventor decided to make a media cabinet.

In order to actually start the project, the speakers themselves need to be removed. Once that’s done, a door has to be cut and the inside of the speaker box has to be cleaned up. After a bit of painting, hinges need to be carefully put on to complete the media masterpiece.

Turning your broken speakers into a cabinet is a great idea. Not only do you get a free piece of furniture, but you don’t have to worry about taking the old box to a junkyard. Your cabinet doesn’t have to be for CDs and DVDs either. Books and magazines work just as well.

Find out more about the invention here.