Turn Your Favorite Cold Beverage To Slush Whenever You Want

Gone are the days when the craving for an Icee or a Slurpee sent you off to the nearest convenience store hoping against hope that they actually have a flavor you like. If orange just isn't your thing or that blue The Origial Slush MugThe Origial Slush Mugraspberry creeps you out then the Original Slush Mug is just the thing for you.

Whether you want to cool off or have a masochistic love of brain freeze, you can now make your own right at home with 12 ounces of your favorite sugary beverage. Did I say sugar? Yes, I did. Apparently artificial sweeteners don't work as well at making slush. Perhaps that is why you never see diet Slurpees.

To make slush all you need is this mug and its patented Glaciercore. Just give it (the core) enough alone time in the freezer to, well, freeze, then take it out and add your cold beverage of choice. Within minutes you The Origial Slush MugThe Origial Slush Mugwill have your own Slushee. Apparently having the double-e at the end of these words adds some magical value to the drinks.

This is no mug to be taken lightly though. It takes almost one pound of cryogenic matter sealed inside the mug to do the job. Think of it as a way to do a little weight lifting to burn off those extra sugar calories. The refrigerating effect lasts for hours so you don't need to hurry your way through your drink before it melts.

The Slush Mug comes in red, blue, teal, and purple. Respect the mug -- hand wash only.

Some say that the mug makes killer Margaritas, but I'm thinking Frappuccino.

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