Turn Your Home Into Aperture Science With Cool Portal Stuff!

Although you won’t find any big red buttons, repulsion gel or cake on this list, any fan of Valve’s videogame series will certainly enjoy thinking and living with Portals!


Portal Gun Replica


If you know nothing else about the Portal series, note that the entire games are centered around the mechanic of creating instant doorways (Portals) with the aid of the Aperture Science Portal Gun to solve puzzles. If you’re totally absorbed in the extensive lore of the Portal series, have all of the collectables, explored every inch of the two videogames and are looking for the ultimate crown jewel to your collection, the official Portal Gun is exactly what you’re looking for. Not only does this kit come with stickers to customize the Portal Gun to reflect your favorite character’s model (Chell, Atlas or Peabody), but the awesome LED lights the Portal Gun projects can be set to your favorite Portal colors: from classic blue/orange, to red, purple and yellow! Halloween is coming, so grab your favorite orange jumpsuit and get ready for the biggest candy haul of your life!


Chell’s Long Fall Socks


In both Portal and Portal 2, everyone’s favorite test subject wears a pair of special braces to prevent her legs from shattering due to the frequent long jumps that she is forced to make during her escape. This pair of knee high Long Fall Socks were designed to give the wearer the appearance of an Aperture Science test subject who has been assigned to try out the Portal Gun, which is pretty much what all fans dream of. (That is, except for the constant verbal jabs from a despotic robot and the deadly traps!)

Wheatley LED Flashlight



 “Let there be light! That’s um… God. Quoting God.” –Wheatley

When Wheatley, an AI build to be the Intelligence Dampening Sphere for GLaDOS, was Introduced in Portal 2, and instantly became a fan favorite character. This pocket-sized Wheatley LED Flashlight is a cute and detailed replica of the goofy machine, which sports a pair of movable handles and a bright blue LED light so you can easily get around the house or between test chambers when the lights go out. The only thing keeping this flashlight/keychain combo from perfection is the fact that the little guy doesn’t constantly jabber away like his videogame counterpart!

Weighted Companion Cube Plushie



Some Portal players would argue that the Weighted Companion Cube was the real star of the original Portal game, as players needed to intelligently navigate a series of perilous test chambers with the Companion Cube in tow and were ultimately presented with a tough choice to finally escape your last chamber with the Cube. Portal players can now relive the joy of hauling around and strategically placing a gray cube decorated with pink hearts on things in real life, but it’s even better with a fuzzy, chunky and soft Companion Cube. If you’re not a Portal fan, you probably don’t “get” it, but anyone who enjoyed Portal is going to absolutely love hugging their best friend from the original Portal!

Sentry Turret Mini-Figure



I am a big fan of Aperture Science’s Sentry Turrets, and I was lucky enough to find one of these blind-box toys in a bookstore earlier this year. In the Portal games, these cute little robots scan the room for test subjects, and greet them with a hail of bullets and chirpy messages. With ten color designs, and two physical figures (one closed and one in attack mode) of each color, there are plenty of Sentries for the hardcore Portal fan to collect. They are sturdy little figures that look just like they do in the videogames. I’m just thankful to have picked up the awesome “Animal King” leopard-skinned Sentry Turret in attack mode on the first try! Now the little beast guards my Xbox 360 from any errant test subjects that get too close…


Don't forget that you can find all of this great Portal swag and much more at both Amazon and from our pals at ThinkGeek too! Have fun fellow test subjects, and don’t listen to any snarky AI’s. I just can’t believe that I made it through the entire piece without making any cake jokes!

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