Turn Your iPod Nano into a Watch with the Nanox Conversion Kit

Apple's iPod Nano packs a lot of features into a very small package... so small in fact, that it's amazingly easy to drop or misplace. Enter Nanox, who've created an Apple-approved designer conversion kit that turns any sixth-generation iPod Nano into a secure and stylish wristwatch.

Nanox isn't the first manufacturer to offer watchbands for Apple's tiny, square, sixth generation iPod Nano – Apple even offers one themselves through any Apple store. Nanox takes that ball and runs with it, however, bringing in acclaimed Japanese designer Noriaki Miyata to give Apple's functional but utilitarian watchband a dash of class.

Introduced at a media event on September 1st, 2010, Apple's sixth generation iPod Nano marked the most radical departure yet from the popular digital media player's original “monolith” format. Although it lost the digital video camera built into the previous (fifth) generation models and its multi-touch screen was reduced to 1.54 inches from 2.2 inches, these sacrifices resulted in an exceptionally small device that was and is the essence of portability. The only question is, where does one keep the new iPod Nano... and how do you keep it conveniently within view?

Nanox's Apple iPod Nano 6th generation watch conversion kit puts your player in plain sight, right on your wrist. Program the device to display an analogy or digital watch face and the camouflage is complete – with the added bonus of having the iPod Nano's many features right at hand, so to speak.

Nanox tells us the kits are made by Foxconn at the same factory in China where other Apple products are made. The kit's structural components are formed from Aluminum 6061 alloy, the same aerospace-grade alloy used in all Apple products.

No tools or screws are required to refit your Apple iPod Nano to designer wristwatch styling as it uses a Snap-On locking mechanism. As far as personalization is concerned, 6 aluminum color cases and 7 silicone color straps are available with 30 accessory color strap combinations being sold separately. Nanox also includes a pair of anti-glare screen protection films and 2 silicone connector protection plugs with each kit at no extra charge.

“The Nanox is great for running or using at the gym, and it's stylish and comfortable enough to wear throughout the day and evening,” according to Enrique Bonansea, president of Emonster who are distributors for Nanox products. “We’re very excited to launch such a high quality Japanese-designed product,” continues Bonansea, “and hope it will be popular both within Japan and overseas.” (via Japan Today)

Editor's Update: The Nanox is now available in the U.S. You can find it here on Amazon and at other retailers.

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Mar 24, 2012
by Anonymous

This is so cool.. an ipod

This is so cool.. an ipod nano and a cool watch at the same time!