Turn Your Pictures Into Works of Art at PsykoPaint

PsykoPaint just released their beta edition of online software that allows you to upload a picture and modify it to make it look like an actual painting.  It's very simple to use and the results are great looking.  It's a really cool way to give your images and distinct and different look that you're in control of all the way.  It's time to get your artist pants back and make some masterpieces.

The site has plenty of options to take your originality much further than simply uploading and converting images.  The way it works is much like any image manipulation programs you may have used before, like Photoshop or even MS Paint.  There's several "brushes" to pick from and you can choose how the brushes interact with your image.

The creator of PsykoPaint is also pretty good about adding updates to their very early version.  You'll notice immediately that some of the brushes are a bit tricky to use, so a lot of experimentation is necessary to get the hang of it.  However, the owner of PsykoPaint  is usually quick to address problems in the user interface and when the site finally gets to a finished point, it will clearly be a really well polished tool.

When trying things out on PsykoPaint, remember to save often, in case you need to go back.  The "undo" and "reset" options don't always work correctly, so there's no guarantee you can get back to a point before you made a mistake.  It's a lot of fun to try things out and get such good looking results.  Go give it a whirl and show off your images in the comments.