Turning Your Facebook Profile Into Art or Monsters!

Robot, World and Shape ExampleRobot, World and Shape Example

Your Facebook page is a monster! No, I'm not talking about the unwieldy number of comments about everything under the sun on your last status update. I am talking about a literal, if diminutive, forms that can be made from your personal data. The people over at The Creators Project have made a series of three apps (which are also available on their site as web tools) that are designed to turn your profile into a monster, a world or a crystalline shape.

That shape can then be made real, with the help of a 3D printer and about $15 charged to your card you can have your own monster, or shape, on the way to your home in no time at all. The only down side is that when this reporter tried it on the website it seemed to hit a snag after the Facebook log in. The loading page of the application got stuck and successive attempts yielded the same result. Though, several people have tried it successfully and this may have been a simple fluke.

Source: The Creators