Turn-Ons Make Armchair A Gamer's High Flyer: Morfojet

Design comes in all forms this year at  Milan Design Week '09 and, not to be forgotten are the entertainment chairs... ones for gamers, music lovers, and those who just like to be tuned in and turned on.

Aerodynamically designed like a pilot seat, Gianni Pedone's playful Morfojet Armchair is all id, as it puts the occupant in control of two large jet engine arms, designed as turbines, more than a little bit sexually suggestive.




Morfojet goes beyond innuendo though.  It is a veritable entertainment chair with its own built-in CD/DVD stereo system with four speakers!  Gamers, movie lovers, music buffs get the ride of their lives in this dual turbine jet armchair! Gianni Pedone's designed the Morfojet Armchair for Morfonauta, Palermo, IT.




Morfonauta is enjoying its debut as well as its first designs at the Milan Design Week '09.


Design Boom, Morfonauta