Turtle Taxi: For Travelers Who Like Life In The Slow Lane

An innovative cab company called Turtle Taxi caters to those who aren't in any rush to reach their destination. As their name implies, Turtle Taxi drivers take it slow and steady – they might not win any races but the ride won't cause you to lose your hare, er, hair.

Yokohama, Japan-based Sanwa Kotsu Group started up Turtle Taxi after intensive research into taxi-taker's preferences revealed not everyone wants to be delivered to their destination at breakneck speed.

Pregnant women, the elderly, and tourists come to mind when one wonders who would want a slower, smoother and less-stressful cab ride.

Turtle Taxi even offers riders a choice between slow and slower courtesy of a “yukkuri” (“slow”) button mounted on the back of the front seat: pushing it alerts the driver to dial it down a notch.

Not only do passengers employing the distinctively decorated cabs arrive less frazzled, they can feel they've contributed to a more peaceful urban environment during their journey. No word whether rides have to shell out (sorry) extra yen for their slower but more time-consuming ride. (via Pop Up City)