TV Show’s Nationwide Casting Call For Inventors Of Outdoor Products Opens


Are you an adventurer, outdoor survivalist or weekend camper? On the many trips you've taken over the years, have you ever pondered over what products were missing and could add to your outdoor experience? Out of that group, how many of you have taken it one step further and actually invented a creative state of the art or off-the-wall outdoor product — that's ready to knock the winter woolies off the public once the world gets out?

Here’s Your Chance

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above, you are in a rarefied group of people who will you definitely want to submit your ‘patented’ invention to a television program that is focused on giving TV air time to just these types of products. Think of this new reality show as sort of mashup — like a ‘Bear Grylls’ meets the ‘Shark Tank.’

In discussing the premise with the casting associate producer Rhea Williams, she said, “essentially, the show will be similar to Shark Tank but instead of pitching the products in a studio, the products will be tested in the field.”

Are you Ready?

Williams went on further to note: “We aren't taking any 'idea' submissions, we need actual inventors who have products that are ready to go. The inventors should be seeking funding for marketing, manufacturing, and/or getting their product in stores.”

3 Ball Entertainment as one of TV’s most prolific producers of reality and non-fiction programming is the creative team behind getting the show from conception, through casting to the air. These are folks that brought you ‘Bar Rescue,’ ‘Beauty & the Geek,’ ‘Scott Baio is 45,’ ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ and dozens more.

Field is Wide Open

InventorSpot is proud to be one of the first online news sites selected to present the new show, and since this is the very beginning of the casting call no inventors have been locked in as of yet.

TT“The cast is finalized only after casting is closed. The number of inventors will be determined by the network executives after casting. We are looking for diversity in the products so anyone who feels they have a great outdoor invention and are passionate about their product should apply. We reach out to everyone who applies.”

Submission are accepted up until March 18th by emailing, where each inventor needs to list their name, city, state, contact number, two recent photos, a description of their product and any relevant photos/videos/link.

Good luck to all, and please do report back if your invention has been selected by the show.