TV Adds 3D, Subtracts The Glasses


At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, it seemed like every major television manufacturer had a 3D set in the works. We saw products from Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony. The one thing that could really prevent the exciting technology from translating into a viable market product is the stupid glasses that appear with every major set that we've seen. Who wants to sit in their living room wearing a pair of goofy sunglasses? Something about that experience just doesn't translate into a relaxing time in front of the boob tube.

Earlier this week, Sunny Ocean Studios, a company from Singapore, announced that it is set to unveil technology that offers 3D without any glasses. Even more exciting--the display offers 64 different viewing angles and is designed to be added onto existing television sets. 

The company will show off a 27-inch display at the upcoming CeBIT show in March. The company has said that it can offer the technology in screens up to 100 inches. 

A few companies displayed no-glasses 3D displays at CES, but they were limited in viewing angles (8 or 9), so the technology from Sunny Ocean could blow them away--assuming it works cleanly and looks good. 

A lot of questions still remain and we'll have to wait for CeBIT to see how good the new technology looks, but it certainly sounds promising. Being able to watch 3D without any glasses would be a lot more intriguing than glasses-only sets. 

Stay tuned for more once CeBIT gets underway on March 2.  

Via: Engadget 

Feb 7, 2010
by Chris Weiss


IMO, there's a difference between wearing sunglasses out in the sun and glasses when you're sitting at home trying to relax. It'd be alright once in a while, but I wouldn't want to have to do it every time just to enjoy a product.