Philips Eco TV Brings Smiles to Environmentalists

A TV that is bringing smiles to both environmentalists and avid boob tube watchers alike is the Philips Eco TV model 42PFL5603D . This TV is both elegant, powerful and lives up to its title of being eco friendly.

In terms of its green features, it is made up of lead-free materials and only "traces" amounts of mercury, which facilitates its compliance with the strict ROHS.Philips Eco TVPhilips Eco TV

One great feature of this TV is its ability to dim the backlight. By dimming the backlight during scenes which are darker, it enhances the black-level performance and in turn, saves power. When it comes to power conservation, this sleek TV is head of the class, in that it uses less power than a 100 W lightbulb - now that's energy efficient! Note the backlight can also be dimmed via a room lighting sensor, so in dark rooms it will use less power.

Taking it the extra green mile, the box is made from recycled material.

Another nice to have feature includes a setup assistant which swiftly walks you through the setting up of the color display. It shows you multiple divided up screens and prompts you for your opinion on which screen looks better. Once you answer a few of these questions, the TV automatically adjusts itself according to your choices.

Now, I never encourage anyone to run out and buy a new gadget just because it's available and it's kinda cool, but if you're existing TV is on its way to the grave and you're looking to upgrade to a flat panel HDTV, this one's worth considering.

Now, If you've just forked out the money for a power guzzling TV, don't fret. Here are some ways in which you can still reduce your energy costs:

  1. Turn off the TV when you're not watching it
  2. Turn off the TV's quick-start option
  3. Turn on your TV's power-saver mode
  4. If you have an LCD, dim the backlight a bit
  5. Adjust the factory settings of the TV to dim the brightness a bit
  6. and finally....cut down on the amount of TV you watch :)
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Jul 27, 2008
by Anonymous


Philips is rude I have to make due with a silver colour tv....I want a black one but all they are having is silver colour.

Jul 30, 2008
by Vicki Kwong
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Phillips Eco TV

You are most welcome Gloria.