TV Commercial: Now It's “YOURS & MINE” K-Y® JELLY !

The folks at "K-Y® Jelly" did it! They built a better mousetrap!

They've taken a product, a personal sexual lubricant used by the discriminating hoi poloi instead of Bubba's good ol' axle grease or Brando's stick of butter-- obviously used to uh, ease any insertion difficulties and came up with a fantastic marketing coup. They made a "His" and "Her" version out of it! How they differ remains a mystery throughout the spot, but the graphics promise something like the 4th of July fireworks, or at the very least, a snap, crackle and pop effect when the two unite and his K-Y comes in contact with her K-Y.

The TV Spot opens on a Brit couple sitting up in bed, each holding up their prospective tube of "K-Y Jelly." He says, "he puts it on his you know what." and "she puts it on her you know what." And, you know what? When they get it on together- sparks fly, fireworks shoot up and the bells and whistles go off! Or so you're led to believe. Of course keeping you in the dark guessing what actually goes off is part of the appeal of this winner. It's either a case of something really impressive happening or it all just fizzles out. Hey, we can't have too much of a mega-ton explosion here. Don't forget where all this takes place, inside. Ouch. I would like to see the responses from the legal eagles in the new product development department, when they said, " want what to happen where?" Fagedaboudit!

It's a great spot, but the product is also a great product. It's a lot easier to create a great spot when you're working with a great product. It would be nice if it worked, but even if it doesn't-everybody's going to try it at least once.

Would you give it a shot? Would this add a little spice to whatever's going on with your main dish?


Bruce Heath
Guest Blogger

Our Guest Blogger, Bruce Heath, aka admanUSA, is an internationally-known Creative Director, and is now a Freelance Copywriter.

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