The TV Easel: An Artful Way to Display Your Television

Apparently, the number of TVs in an American home has now surpassed the number of the home's inhabitants, with the average adult spending five hours in front of the TV daily. So it makes sense to have plenty of options when it comes to where to put these fundamental household items. Hanging them on the wall can prove to be a major decorating inconvenience, and housing them in some huge entertainment system isn't always the best option, either. The simple, mobile TV Easel may hold the answer.

Pièce de résistancePièce de résistance

Last week, as part of the Greehouse young designers showcase at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Swedish designer Alex Bjurström unveiled the TV Easel. Very similar to a true-to-life easel, this design is adjustable in both height and angle, and sits on a rolling base for increased ease in placement options. Made of solid wood in a lacquered or natural finish, it can accommodate televisions from 32 to 47 inches. As it stands, this is still only a concept for Panasonic, but given the great reception it's had it may very well make it down the assembly line in no time.

Just try not to get confused and start adding "a little touch of happy white" to the screen in an effort to channel your inner Picasso.

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