TV Outdoors: SunBrite Weatherproof TV

For those whose idea of getting outside involves bringing your inside activities to a big, plush lounge chair, there is the SunBrite Weatherproof TV. Introduced for CEDIA 2009, this TV stands up to just about every outdoor element that would sizzle a standard television--water, weather, dust and even insects--and you know the insects are going to be aswarmin' every time you watch your SunBrite after the sun's gone down.

If that isn't enough, the television is designed to stand up to extreme temperatures as well--from 122 degree F desert heat, all the way down to - 24 degrees F. An internal heater kicks on when the mercury hits 32 to keep your TV working seamlessly. On the other end, the Hex-Fan Airflow System keeps the TV cool in the heat. So whether you live in Sonoran Desert or in Alaska, you can be enjoying outdoor television the whole year round.


Featuring a corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminum exterior to stand strong against the elements, the television is the perfect accessory to complete your lavish patio set. In fact, assuming you have a deck with some form of roofing, a comfortable lounge chair and grill with built-in refrigerator, you can now essentially live outside.

As far as your basic electronics, the 55-inch HD LCD SunBrite has a contrast ration of 4.000: 1, two HDMI connections and an anti-reflective, scratch-resistant window to keep your picture tight even during midday. It is capable of full 1080p at 120 Hz. To really infuriate the neighbors, the television can be integrated with an external sound system via a removeable speaker module. 

As you probably guessed by this point in the game, the SunBrite doesn't come cheap and sports a lofty price tag of $6995. Of course, if you already have the decadent pool and patio area that would inspire you to shop for an outdoor TV, that price might not sound too bad. If it does, you can continue to enjoy TV indoors and use the outdoors for what it was made for--getting off your keister and not watching TV. 

Twice via Born Rich and Ubergizmo