'Tweet Defense' Calculates Twitter Stats For Game App Advantage

For members of the Twitterati who have been accumulating Twitter followers just for 'bragging rights,' now you may have a legitimate reason to do so. Here's a mobile game application that actually analyzes your Twitter stats  - number of followers and tweets - and then awards you bonuses based on its calculations. It's the next evolution in game apps where developers  are experimenting with pulling data from Web 2.0 services and social networks and integrating them into virtual games.

Tower Defence or TD as its known by gamers is a sub-genre of real-time strategy computer games that's like a 21st Century version of 'Chutes  & Ladders' where navigating mazes and building towers elevates one's position. Now when you mash up TD with data from Twitter, and ante up $.99, you can play Tweet Defense, a new iPhone game just released by developers Promethium Marketing Group.

“We wondered what it would be like to take your social network and your activities there and turn it intoNelson RodriguezNelson Rodriguez a game,” said Nelson Rodriguez, Executive Producer of the title. We ended up with a full on Tower Defense game that uses your friend list and your tweeting activity to impact how powerful your towers are.”

In addition to individual stats, players can get a boost their in-game bonuses by pulling in stats from Twitter celebrities. There's ten different levels, five different enemy types and six different towers to choose from. The nightmares you’ll have about a pregnant zombie giving birth to little zombies are free of charge, of course.