Tweetbookz: Social Media Print Company Looks For A Piece Of The Twitter Pie

If it's not enough that you can post everything that's on your mind for the entire world to see on Twitter, there's a new company that's ready to take your ego and apply it to print.


Tweetbookz could make for quite the holiday gift for an egomaniac in your life. Put some of their most insightful tweets posted on twitter onto paper and bind it so they can show everyone just what a social networking genius they are. Their new coffee table books are likely to become a household fixture with 5 by 8 books that hold more than 200 tweets.

Tweet BookTweet Book

It seems like businesses are popping up left, right and center that are trying to get a piece of the Twitter pie. But is this a business concept that's likely to profit, or will it be a big flop?

Via: Cool Business Ideas