Tweeting 'The French Revolution" via la Network de Sociale

On le 14 Juillet in the year 2009, the people of Paris stormed Twitter accounts everywhere with tweets of  "Happy Bastille Day" in hopes of leading down a path that would eventually welcome all Frenchman into the elite circle of the Twitterati.

Since the majority of Americans had all become citizens of the Twitterverse, and the French like to mimic whatever Barack Obama's country is doing, France has put on a full-court press (an intentional basketball metaphor used as another homage to Barack Obama) in an effort to become Twitterized allies with the US, where Paris & DC could come together as a modern-day Tale of Two Cities.

But seriously folks, what is really momentous about this year's Bastille Day is the release of Matt Stewart's "The French Revolution" on Twitter, the first full novel to be released tweet by tweet in 140 characters at a time.

Stewart feels that his approach will succeed in the social networking space of Twitter, based on the premise that "people actually pay attention to very short messages. People read text messages, and they read tweets, because it only takes three seconds to check it out and move on." He also asserts "amid this information maelstrom, tweeting my novel provides the ultimate in easy sampling and information triage before purchase, the equivalent of watching a clip of a TV show before deciding to order the season on Netflix."

And in keeping with the theme of revolution, Stewart believes that "publishing needs to change, and while I'm not going to revolutionize the industry on my own, I think I can help nudge it toward a more dynamic and customer-friendly future."

A novel approach indeed, and one worth checking out... both online and at the bookstores.

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