Tweets from the Crown - Statue of Liberty Opens A Twitter Account

All dressed up and no place to go? What's a lady to do for her 123rd Birthday if she really wants to Rock the Harbor? Well, if you're the Statue of Liberty, you just might want to invite a whole bunch of folks over to help you commemorate the special occasion. But how do you get your birthday party invitations out to the masses? Well, in the case of Our Lady, she's chosen to join the craze sweeping the nation... she's tweeting it!

As you can see from her Twitter profile account she is fairly new at the game, as she presently only has 226 followers.

But here's hoping that after you read this, you will help America's First Lady get the word out, by retweeting this blog to all your friends, family and July 4th party revelers!

In honor of this special day, the Lady has decided to open her crown to the public for the first time since the Sept. 11 attacks.

Other celebratory activities will include the swearing in of seven members of the U.S. armed forces who will have their naturalization ceremony conducted on Liberty Island. Broadway star Sasha Allen will sing the tune, "Huddled," at the end of the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Liberty Island, and a song from Theresa Wozunk's upcoming musical "Liberty" has been selected as the closing anthem for the ceremony.

Audio tours of the statue and  the Ellis Island Immigration Museum have also been updated, with an interactive children’s version, more oral histories, info on the statue’s interior and other extras. The entrance fee to the park is now $8, and children and seniors receive discounts.

And for all of you who are actually visiting the Statue today, let's see if we can't get you all to retweet this blog and also send some of your TwitSnaps from the crown! Your support will help our Number One Gal make her 123rd a crowning event for all Americans to be proud! Happy Independence Day!