Tweezed Eyebrows Are Out! Adorn Your Eyebrows With Chic Jewels Instead

It's hard to keep up with the fashion and beauty trends of eyebrows; one year over-tweezed eyebrows seem to appear on the faces of all the models in the magazines, which the next year the natural look is in. What's next? Jewelry adorned eyebrows? Designer Kanch Panjabi seems to think it's the next big fashion trend.

While facial decoration does have roots in cultural tradition, it's rare to see a designer make such a fashion statement in their photography. However, inarguably, jeweled eyebrows are a look that's classy, contemporary, with an added element of cultural all at once.

Forget about debating whether bushy eyebrows or tweezed eyebrows are this year's beauty trend, adorn them with jewels and incorporate an all new kind of beauty!

Via: Behance