Twihotels Helps Guests Book & Hoteliers Sell Hotel Rooms

Twihotels, the unique Twitter app that offers post-your-hotel-queries in a tweet format has expanded their hotel solutions for both hoteliers and hotel guests. Known as the first social networking hotel-finder, Twihotels is already enhancing their feature offerings after their recent debut launch in August.

Still in beta testing and based on the feedback and suggestions received from Twitter users, has developed two new features. While the enhanced functionality will allow leisure and business travelers to locate suitable hotels when traveling, hoteliers will be able to now use social networking for the first time as a new distribution channel to sell their hotel rooms.

In addition to their post-your-hotel-query-to-Twitter application, Twihotels has evolved into a more comprehensive hotel solution for travelers and hoteliers worldwide.


Twihotels now has its own online hotel directory available on their Web site. Hoteliers and travelers on Twitter can add detailed hotel features and services about specific hotels located in different cities worldwide.

All one needs is an active Twitter account to complete the hotel profile form. Once submitted, the hotel's profile will be made available on the site (there is no charge for the listing). The information you submit on Twihotels can also be edited by the hotel management staff once posted. This is a great opportunity for hoteliers to reach out to Twihotels during this development stage so they can take advantage of a brand new distribution channel that their competition may not be aware of. Within just a few days of its roll-out, there are over 60 hotels listed on the site.

The Aspire Sydney Hotel in Sydney, Australia was one of the first hotels to sign up for Twihotels.

Aspire Hotel Sydney listed with TwihotelsAspire Hotel Sydney listed with Twihotels


When Twihotels first rolled out last month, users could only post hotel queries to Twitter. Now online guests can post their hotel accommodation queries to multiple social networking sites, by tweeting their hotel query to Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, and Tumblr. This expands one's query and opportunity to receive additional hotel recommendations from all your friends, across all five (5) networking sites.

With more than 1400 hotels actively soliciting business on Twitter, Twihotels now gives another reason for hotels and travelers to join Twitter to start using Twihotels as a business tool.

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