Twihotels, The Twitter Hotel-Finder Launches

The difficult thing about traveling is finding the right hotel in the right city at the right price! But equally important is securing a hotel you can trust - one that has been recommended by others.

Hotel booking sites like can locate a number of hotels any where in the world and if you are diligent enough to cross-reference with TripAdvisor you can most likely obtain a review on that hotel's performance. But until now, there was no one site that could surface hotel recommendations for you firsthand, without a lot of searching and cross-referencing. Twihotels is filling that void nicely with a new app they just rolled out in August. is Twitter application that allows you to tweet your hotel queries to your followers. Once you tweet your hotel request, the followers that respond will be providing you with recommendations based on their experience in that particular destination.

User-generated responses like this are worth their weight in gold since they are based on helping others make the best travel choice. And yes, even hoteliers can respond to your tweet if they feel their accommodations meet all of your criteria. They may also be inclined to offer you discounts and bargains as a result of finding them on Twitter. In interviewing Ajit Narayan, Promotion Manager for Twihotels, he asserts " that an application such as can facilitate the interaction between all parties."

Twihotels Web siteTwihotels Web site

Details for submissions include country, city, hotel category, check-in date, check-out date, rooms required, number of adults and children accompanying you.Once you submit a request, your tweet will immediately be added to your time-line for all of your followers to see and respond to...

Sample Twihotels tweetSample Twihotels tweet

Twihotels also includes a search feature on the site. To discover relevant hotel queries, you can do a specific keyword search or you can also opt for advanced search that provides drop down results based on country and city names. You can also search on Twitter as well or by visiting Twihotels' Twitter account page.

Twihotels Twitter AccountTwihotels Twitter Account

Social Media sites on Twitter are another means of obtaining non-commercialized information and updates about hotels, travel and destinations. For other Twitter accounts that specialize in social media in the travel industry, check out  INN Social Media and AllTravelSites. Both of these sites include blogs, directories and up-to-date commentary about hotels doing the best job on Twitter. is another innovative Twitter application created by MapXL Inc, a division of Compare Infobase Limited that has incubated other successful web projects such as,, and (see my previous blogs on Twitsnaps that includes sharing photos and videos via Twitter).

Let me know what you think about this new travel service, after you have had a chance to take it out for a test spin and kick the tires a little bit. Since this app is still in Beta, it would be great to hear your feedback?  Happy traveling!

Aug 4, 2009
by Anonymous


Twihotels sounds pretty cool, I'll have to give it a shot for my next trip. Also thanks for the alltravelsites mention.

Aug 4, 2009
by Anonymous


Could be a useful service but I don't quite agree with the statement about "non-commercialized" information. It's not like I get personal recommendations from friends I know but responses from hotels and or intermediaries. Nothing wrong with that but it's no different than doing a hotel search elsewhere. A better approach is taken by Hotelicopter which I can link with my Facebook account resulting in recommendations by people in my network appearing on hotels I search and they have previously reviewed. That's the level of personal, trusted recommendations I am looking for as a traveler. I don't see that happen on TwiHotels.